About Trevor

Trevor Wood

Hi, I’m Trevor Wood

My Twitter bio says “Entrepreneur, risk taker, husband, dreamer, connector, visionary, enthusiast, optimist, worshipper, pragmatist, encourager, adopted son of the living God” so I guess that’s as good a place as any to start my “about me” bit.

Entrepreneur: I’m director of 3 businesses.

Redline Digital Services is an IT company specialising in Internet consultancy, disaster management and data security.

Network Midlands organises business networking events in the Est Midlands (Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire)

Business Events etc. is a large event management company – exhibitions, trade shows, product launches, seminars, sales promotions, etc. I run this with two friends, Emma Swales and Craig Bunday.

Risk taker: Well I must be to be running three businesses in this economic climate 🙂 but I do like to do things that get the adrenalin flowing.

Husband: married to Mary, no kids

Dreamer: I like to imaging the future. I’m also learning to interpret dreams using an ancient Hebraic method.

Connector: I have thousands of business contacts and I’ve been getting a reputation for being the man “who knows someone who can”.

Enthusiast: I’ve been told I have an opinion on everything – that’s not quite true, I only have an opinion on what is important to me – which happens to be a lot of things.

Optimist: I do try to look for the best in most things. I expect things to work out well, and usually they do.

Worshipper: I’m a Christian (more about that later) and I love to spend time worshipping God.

Pragmatist: I won’t compromise my principles, but I also won’t tie myself down to doing things in only one way. If some other way will work, I’ll consider it seriously.

Encourager: I get a buzz out of helping people reach the destiny that they were created for.

Adopted son of the living God: My Christian faith is the most important thing in my life. Jesus died so that I could be forgiven and have a relationship with the living God – a father/son relationship but perfect (unlike the relationship I had with my Dad).

You’ll find out more about me, what I do, who I know, my likes and dislikes, etc. as this blog develops.