A Really Good Week

I’ve had a really good week this week.

It started on Monday. Mary has gone to our French bible week in Tigery, south east of Paris. It’s the first time she’s ever driven in France without me and I got a text message from her saying she had arrived OK – I’m really proud of her doing this as she doesn’t like driving anywhere she doesn’t know. I also managed to clear a load of stuff out of my office ready for going to a car boot sale – I can see a bit of the floor I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

On Tuesday I decided to have a look at a laptop that had died. To my surprise, I got a boot message on the screen and then it just hung. I tried booting from a CD and it booted! Just before the laptop died, I’d had to replace the hard drive with a tiny 30gb one salvaged from an even older laptop and I’d ordered a replacement drive. I swapped the replacement drive in and started an install of Windows XP. It worked – I now had a fully functioning laptop. I’d got an idea in my mind that I want to upgrade my main PC to Windows 7, but I’ve been burned in the past finding that some software doesn’t work. I now have a working laptop that i can install Windows 7 on and test the software – read about my experiences of that on the Redline Digital Services blog.

On Wednesday I heard that one of my companies, Network Midlands, had won £100 from PayPal for a competition I entered months ago. It was something to do with “what would your company do with £100 from PayPal”. I think I put it towards adding full e-commerce functionality to the site rather than using the PayPal shopping cart.

On Thursday I got a new SatNav – nearly 50% discount from Comet and on Friday I was rudely awoken by a phone call from Rugby FM saying that I’d won a meal for 2 at a local pub. I’d entered a phone in competition on Thursday morning (for the first time in ages) and my name had been drawn out as a winner.

To complete the week I need Andy Schleck to take the lead in the Tour de France today (unlikely), Mark Cavendish to win the sprint on the Champs-Élysées and take the green jersey (tomorrow) and Jenson Button & Lewis Hamilton to take 1-2 at the German Grand Prix tomorrow.

We’ll see 🙂